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We are paving the way for effective online business.

The bottom-line is positive ROI. We reach this goal, by observing key facets of each partners business to integrate a seamless, customer service experience. This assurance comes with multiple years of chat representative experience, complimented by results which are difficult for other providers to duplicate. Our unique dedication to every single one of our business partners is what ensures our shared success.

We offer only the best in online chat software and user experience.

By utilizing a third generation chat platform, this allows us to understand consumer behaviors and cater service direction ongoing. In contrast, many diluted companies only provide a static, pre-chat model that does not offer the same return on investment or ongoing focus of service excellence. Our superior analytics, dynamic capturing, funnel process results, and consistent, illustrated growth results are unmatched in the online chat industry.

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What sets us apart from the rest of the pack is more than just great service.

Our pricing is catered to partner specific goals, ensuring a strong return on investment for service. We gauge web traffic with surgical precision to effectively build a model focused on marketing results. Our planned process includes beta, maturity and performance phases, specialized training and implementation that represent your business with seamless support.

The world may be ready for you, but will you be ready for the world?

E. (2009) has found that 63% of chat customers will remain loyal and return as repeat customers. Consumers desire interaction on their terms and appreciate clear online support. This enhances the user experience and decreases the likelihood of website-shopping cart abandonment by 45%. Furthermore, growth of your customer base increases by engaging customers and avoiding front page abandonment (bounce rate). Live chat services are a key strategy in a future that requires businesses to respond rapidly to consumer needs.

Where do we start from here?

Getting directions for your road to success begins with a simple touch of a button. When you are ready, contact us to discover the business potential that your site has to offer. Each project is different and has its' own special needs. For this reason, our pricing model is tied directly to your revenue gains and is based upon performance results.

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