Driving Conversations & Conversions

Live Chat

Powerful, scalable, and amazingly simple brand-to-student messaging

When it comes to live chat, most colleges and universities must stretch their leadership team into additional management monitoring, diverse staffing dynamics, and additional hidden cost. Chatdrive does an deploys an full service live chat operation for you.


SMS for Schools - Students can text you like they text their friends

Messaging is the #1 way we communicate today. And it’s how consumers want to communicate with brands. LiveEngage makes it easy — no downloads, setup, or training needed. It connects SMS texts directly to your operations, routing each consumer to the best agent available.

Google Click to Message

Google Click to Message - Students can message schools via SMS direct from mobile ads

Chatdrive is the first platform to ensure that Google AdWords click-to-message interactions are routed to the right agents at the right time across geographies, integrating them into your broader marketing programs and operations.