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Chatdrive was created during an expansion beta test occurring across 40 campus colleges that struggled with admission growth and lead flow consistency.  The focus was on high analytical assessment of results and coverage in relationship to student behaviors. This included peak analysis, greater depth in mirroring campus admission verbiage, and training of staff in relationship to admission know how. The results from this two-year beta period was defined by an increase in total lead growth by 20-40% month over month by location, with a strong conversion rate of 20-30%-with clear appointments that showed at the campus at a rate of 50-60% minimum.  We continued the foundational approach of analytics and admissions awareness that creates strong partnerships for continuous improvement and growth. We have thrived with no advertising and referral business, growing to 165 locations across the United States and Canada as we enter into today’s momentum phase to further success.


Lead Growth
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What We Do

We are a 24/7 Fully Staffed live chat service with Higher Ed Experience – Enrollment-Driven Appointment Setting & Customer Service support.  Admissions trained Chatters; Scripted and connection based approach through High Admissions Strategies that generate organic lead-flow; Integrated IT Systems; Strategic Analytics; Detailed Reporting; Email, Landing Page & Text Strategies executed with Holistic Marketing and true partnership approach.

Responsive Chat

Analytical chat invite to enhance the  student experience and help achieve greater lead flow and conversion rate by understanding visitor behavior.

Multi-Channel Chat

We strive to create true performance through holistic marketing strategy. This includes text, mobile chat, and old lead enhancement.

Real Time Data

We provide transparent data analysis and tracking.  Ongoing monitoring of all performance categories for enhanced strategic direction.

Student Service

Monitoring of partner net promoter score and  customer satisfaction for ongoing performance feedback.


All staff has obtained a college education and has over three years of admission experience. In addition, comprehensive training is provided in the areas of communication and writing skills. We have a continues improvement and performance driven culture with ongoing review of chats from our executive team.



We work with our partners closely to analyze client requirements. This may involve advanced tracking development,  secondary data, enhancement to reporting, or holistic  consideration.

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